About Us

Sometimes you need more than an attorney, you need someone fighting for justice, you need a caring person.

The Shagal-Fodor Law Firm specializes in all aspects of personal status in Israel, when dealing with government offices and the judicial system.

The fields we are active in include:

  • Legalizing  the status of common-law partners and married couples when one party is not an Israeli citizen.
  • Extending permits for foreign workers.
  • Representing workers in custody and those who are not allowed to enter Israel.
  • Filing humanitarian requests to remain in Israel.
  • Dealing with the requests of nursing patients for extending the work permits of their foreign caregivers.
  • Asylum requesters and refugees.
  • Work related claims, with an emphasis on foreign workers.
  • Representing employers charged with unlawful employment.
  • Representing in the appeals court, in petitions to the court in administrative matters and the Supreme Court.

The cases are treated with the profound understanding of the dramatic importance these matters have to the lives of our clients. That is why we have the client at mind all throughout the proceedings, his humanity, right to a family, dignity and liberty.

We are not afraid of challenges and we help our clients with determination and creative thinking, even in the most complex cases.

To set up a consultation meeting, without any commitment on your part, leave your details at the bottom of the page.

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